From Reuland you come through the Ulf – and Our valley through the picturesque villages of Stoubach and Oberhausen.

Down here in the valley, the silvery Our flows through the small villages. Today, Oberhausen still has +/- 27 inhabitants.

Flowery pastures, wooded hillsides, bumpy paths through fields and forests form the imposing backdrop of this beautiful charming landscape at the end of the eastern cantons.

The scenery in the Our valley changes in rapid succession. At the “Rittersprung” area, you suddenly emerge from a maze of rocks with towering crevasses.

Here we turn right into a magnificent gorge. Only two or three houses lie along a small stream. To the right, a large massive rock stretches up to the sky.

It is the “Nonnenley”. People gladly told us how the rock got this name. They remembered that a son of the parish of Ouren continued his studies in Rome shortly after his ordination. There he often had the opportunity to study in ancient archives. By chance he also found documents about the existence of a monastery in earlier years on the Nonnenley. Today, a statue of Mother of God has been placed in the middle of the mountain.