Quiet Paradise

There is hardly any information to be found about the origin of Richtenberg.
In official registers only the name “Ackerer zu Lascheid” is given.
The name Richtenberg is possibly due to the fact that the inhabitants pushed for the difference to Lascheid and raised the field name to the place name without further ado.

The name “Richtenberg” is mentioned in 1859 as the field name “Richtenberg” in notarial records.
Today +/- 18 inhabitants live in Richtenberg.

In Richtenberg a water pipeline was built after 1959 and in the so-called “Bejenjart” the water tank was built.
The people of Richtenberg now laid their water pipeline 60-70cm deep and it was 1,100m long. In 1992 a second water source was connected.
The Gonteschbach rises “in the Mool” and flows through the Richtenberg valley.
The Reelerfurtbach rises in the Reeler.
In the Ourenfurt both of them flow together and form the Federbach which pours into the Our in Stoubach, which is already fed by the Ulf in Weweler.

In the summer months the number of inhabitants can triple, as Flemish and Dutch tourists spend their vacations here.

Richtenberg, the paradise for peace and pure nature !