St. Brigida's Church in Grüfflingen

The church in Grüfflingen is bathed in a Marian blue. It comes from the windows, which depict scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary. These originate from the Osterrath stained glass workshop and were created in 1956 based on drawings by Guy Chabrol from Tilff. The mosaics of the Stations of the Cross by Jean Keup from Brussels are also from the same year. The windows in the apse were donated by the boys and girls of the Catholic Rural Youth (KLJ). Considering that Pope John XXIII announced the convening of the Second Vatican Council in 1958, the church in Grüfflingen is one of those built at the end of an era. The building and furnishings still correspond to the pre-conciliar liturgy, but tentative signs of a new beginning can already be seen in the works of art.

Originally there was an oratory in Grüfflingen dating from 1677, which was converted into a “Mass chapel” twenty years later. This had to be restored in 1752 and 1893. It was a simple limed quarry stone building with a three-sided chancel and ridge turret.

Source: Churches and chapels in East Belgium by Freddy Derwahl and Johannes Weber